Injected slabs in LDPE ready to be sodded. Nidagrass IP is a resistant and flexible plate guaranteeing a stable and drivable grass surface. They allow the creation of lawned spaces without ruts, holes or puddles.

Dimensions: 580 x 390 mm

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Reference : 11304

Nidagrass IP, reinforcement of natural grass

The Nidagrass IP is designed for pedestrian or drivable areas with occasional traffic. They offer countless application possibilities such as, for example, the construction of paths, driveways, the consolidation of grass slopes as well as temporary applications (events).

Nidagrass helps strengthen natural grass and prevent trampling of the roots. The contact or rolling zone is located on the walls of the slab and not on the supporting ground. This system makes it possible to have a stable and aesthetic result while preserving the permeability of the soil.

nidagrass IP030 / IP040: dimensions 580 x 390 mm - thicknesses 30 or 40 mm.

  • Surface mass of the slab for a thickness of 3 cm: 0.71 kg / slab or 3.05 kg / m2.
  • Surface mass of the slab for a thickness of 4 cm: 1.07 kg / slab or 4.3 kg / m2.

The walls of the slab are 2 to 3 mm and the cell size is approximately 70 mm.

The nidagrass IP030 / IP040 panel has 9 fixing points along its length and 6 fixing points across its width.


  • A pallet of nidagrass IP030 tiles contains 320 tiles, i.e. 72.38 m2.
  • A pallet of nidagrass IP040 tiles contains 240 tiles, i.e. 54.29 m2.

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