IG040 Grid

Equestrian slabs designed to strengthen, stabilize and drain equestrian or agricultural soils.

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Draining and robust equestrian slabs

Nidaplast, manufacturer of materials for permeability and soil reinforcement, also offers slabs for the creation or renovation of equestrian and agricultural floors.
IG040 hollow core slabs reinforce the subfloor while allowing water to infiltrate.

For stables and equestrian centers:

IG040 tiles are ideal for reducing the inconvenience associated with watering. Indeed, an equestrian ground is made up of sand and must be watered regularly to limit dust, but also to ensure good resistance of the sand.

Honeycomb slabs therefore allow water to drain, prevent sand compaction and consequently water stagnation as well as the formation of mud or puddles.

Equestrian slabs are suitable for the passage of horses' hooves.

• They eliminate puncturing of floors under the effect of hooves.

• They limit the erosion of equestrian soils

• Their flexible walls offer a certain comfort to the horses: they preserve the joints

For agricultural soils and the circulation of machinery:

Particularly robust, the slabs are perfectly suited to the circulation of agricultural machinery: tractor, tipper, etc. Their compressive strength is greater than 310 T / m2. The stabilization slabs are used for horse rides, quarries, stables, paddocks, box entrances, farm paths or tractor parking lots...

The slabs can be filled with sand, gravel, or natural grass.

HDPE slab 500 x 500 mm, thickness 40 mm. Cell walls from 3 to 5 mm.
Packaging: 60 m2 pallet, or 240 pieces.

Product-related applications

Equestrian development

Equestrian development

Lightweight and easy to lay nidagrass tiles can be used to reinforce equestrian floors. Filled with horse-riding sand, the slabs provide stability and prevent the formation of holes.